Human Proportions

Manni Green Tech technology in the service of Fuorisalone design.


Credits: Massimo Iosa Ghini

A path that changes and amplifies the space, interpreting its depth, dynamism and architectural proportions in relation to the human figure: the installation of Massimo losa Ghini is a trapezoidal volume that synthesises a prospective itinerary with an entrance that is larger than the far end. The structure takes the human body as reference and creates the initial effect of something unfinished, linked to time, distance and the will to reach the unreachable.

It ends with the awareness of the idea, developed by Palladio in the Olympic Theatre of Vicenza, of inverse geometrical proportion compared to the starting point. A system of lights defines the welcoming place and establishes a relationship between man and the environment. A nearly 70-cm-high 3D shape, placed in the far end of the installation, acts as perceptive paradigm.


The excellent location where the “Human Proportions” design is presented hides logistics/construction critical issues: the Courtyard of Honour at the University of Milan, a famous historical site of the capital of Lombardy, did not allow holes to be made in the paving in order to anchor the structure. Thanks to the engineering process carried out by the Manni Green Tech team, it was possible to create a self-supporting structure that forms the skeleton of the “Human Proportions” installation.


Despite the fact that the structure weighs over 6,000 kg, it was assembled onsite in just two workdays. This was made possible thanks to the applications of Manni Green Tech technologies: the use of light steel profiles and the preassembly of the structural elements in the production plant considerably reduced the hours of work in the Courtyard of Honour.

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@Massimo Iosa Ghini
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