Analysis and management of whistleblowing

In compliance with the provisions of Legislative Decree 24 of 2023 on the protection of persons who report violations of Union and national law and Legislative Decree 231 of 2001 on the liability of legal persons, we have adopted a whistleblowing management system that allows us to manage any whistleblowing, even if anonymous, received from Manni Group S.p.A. and from the companies of the Manni Group. 


We guarantee the receipt, analysis and processing of whistleblowing submitted by anyone, stakeholders, People of the Manni Group (personnel of the Manni Group and all those, both natural and legal persons, working to pursue the Manni Group’s goals, each one within the scope of its own offices and responsibilities) and other third parties, including those submitted in confidential or anonymous form. These are Whistleblowing reports concerning behaviours, carried out by Manni Group People violating the European Union law, the Code of Ethics, laws, regulations, provisions issued by the Authorities, internal regulations and Model 231. 


The utmost confidentiality is guaranteed in relation to the reported subjects and facts, as well as the whistleblowers’ anonymity so that the same whistleblowers are not subject to adverse action or reprisal of any kind. 

Whistleblowing reports may be sent through the dedicated form. 

This communication channel, through the use of IT methods, is deemed to be preferential and suitable for guaranteeing confidentiality in relation to the whistleblower’s identity. 

Please use this form if you want to report

Conduct in violation of:

· Code of Ethics

· Organisational Model 231 or Compliance Models

· laws, regulations, provisions issued by the Authorities, internal regulations and, in any case, any conducts suitable for causing harm or prejudice, although in terms of image damage only, to Manni Group S.p.A. and to the companies of the Manni Group.


Whistleblowing reports are managed in such a way as to guarantee and observe the utmost confidentiality in relation to the reported subjects and facts and the anonymity of the whistleblower’s identifying data. Specifically, the use of the form on this page, in order to send the whistleblowing, guarantees the confidentiality of the whistleblower’s identity even through the use of IT methods.

Manni Group S.p.A. may contact the whistleblower in order to obtain clarifications and/or further details concerning the reported facts.  

Before continuing, the whistleblower is advised to read the detailed regulations, a copy is of which is annexed below: