Developing and consolidating relationships are instruments that Manni Group uses to create and nurture lasting, sustainable, responsible value.

Manni Group’s commitment to creating sustainable supply chains and circular economic models is underpinned by strategic partnerships with projects, business initiatives and leading companies, as well as by joining national and international cultural, social and humanitarian organisations regarded as relevant to its activities.

Establishing and strengthening strategic partnerships with projects, business initiatives and leading companies is therefore of fundamental importance in the creation of sustainable supply chains and the development of green, circular economic models. This objective is also pursued through participation in important social and environmental networks, in leading associations and in initiatives benefiting the territories in which the Group operates, supporting cultural, social and humanitarian projects on an international scale.


Manni Group is a member of the Green Building Council, a non-profit association that promotes the transformation of building practices towards the design and construction of healthy, energy-efficient buildings with a low environmental impact.

The organisation promotes the LEED® certification and works to promote and accelerate the spread of a sustainable building culture, raising the awareness of companies, institutions and public opinion on the impact of building design and construction practices on the quality of life of citizens.


Established in 2006 as the Trentino Technology District for Energy and Environment and recognised by the Ministry of University and Research, Habitech is a consortium of partners and private companies that promotes and coordinates the innovation and enhancement of real estate assets throughout their entire life span, with the aim of driving the construction market towards greater efficiency and sustainability.

It promotes the REbuild and REbuilding Network, which Manni Group supports and with which it also participates in the initiative “Energiesprong Italia”, a non-profit and independent development team that will work with a select group of companies to develop the financial and context-related conditions required to promote a near-zero energy building renovation system by mobilising the entire construction sector, across the board.


Manni Group is among the companies worldwide that have signed the protocols of the Science Based Targets initiative with the aim of increasing the corporate commitment to fighting climate change.

By joining the initiative, Manni Group has undertaken to set emission-reduction goals compatible with the decarbonisation target considered scientifically necessary to keep global warming within 2°C, thereby optimising competitive advantage in the transition from a classic economy to a low-fossil-fuel system.

Science Based Targets works in partnership with CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project), World Resources Initiative, WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) and United Nations Global Compact, as well as collaborating with the We Mean Business Coalition.


This non-profit association is committed to spreading and reinforcing regenerative sustainability principles, with a view to moving towards a world without fossil fuels.

ILFI promotes a number of endeavours with high quality standards for buildings, material producers and environmental protection.

Manni Group brings its experience and vision to all the main institutional and industrial contexts, and always with the aim of contributing positively to Italy’s economic and social fabric and to the promotion of sustainable business practices.

AICS (Italian Customer Service Association)

AIPPEG (Italian Association of Manufacturers of Ribbed Panels and Elements)

ANIE Federazione (Italian Federation of Electronics and Electrical Engineering Companies)

ANRA (Italian Association of Corporate Risk Managers and Insurance Managers)

ASSOFERMET (National association of businesses engaging in the trade, distribution and pre-processing of steel products, non-ferrous metal dealers, ferrous scrap dealers and metalware distribution firms)

CONFINDUSTRIA (Association of Italian Manufacturers)

GREENTECH (Research company operating in the development, production and sale of sustainable electricity conversion, management and storage systems)

UNICMI (Italian union of industries for metal constructions, building envelopes, windows and doors)

GCCA, Global Cold Chain Association

Isopan Spa is a member of Anit.

Through its foreign companies, Manni Group collaborates with important local national associations.

• MCI (Metal Construction Association)
• ANETIF (National Association of TIF Plants, A.C)
• Italian Chamber of Commerce in Mexico


• PIMEC (Catalan Association of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in Catalonia)
• Italian Chamber of Commerce in Barcelona


• Confindustria (Manufacturers’ Association)
• Italian Chamber of Commerce


• NAPPAN (Russian Association of PU Sandwich Panel Manufacturers)
• Italian-Russian Chamber of Commerce
• Russian Federation Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Volgograd branch
• GIM Unimpresa – Association of Italian Entrepreneurs in Russia


• BGHM (Agency for Occupational Accidents and Safety at Work)
• ITKAM (Italian-German Chamber of Commerce)
• AHK Spanien (German Chamber of Commerce in Spain)
• GEMA (Society for Music Rights)
• IHK (Chamber of Commerce and Industry)
• GEZ (Organisation of German Public Broadcasting Institutions)
• PPA-Europe (European Association of Panel and Profile Manufacturers)


“Manni Group firmly believes that the common good can be a corporate success factor. This explains our participation in favour of international solidarity, scientific research, art, music, sports and theatre.” Giuseppe Manni


Manni Group supports the Verona Brain Research Foundation with fundraising activities to fund scholarships and PhDs relating to projects located in and around Verona.

Founded in 2010 by a group of researchers, doctors, philanthropists and local institutions, the Verona Brain Research Foundation promotes the study of neuroscience and works to improve therapies for central nervous system diseases.

For years now, Manni Group has been promoting the ongoing training of young people through projects that enable them to find out more about the Company, its plants, its activities and, above all, the skills required to make it in today’s labour market. In 2016, it also inaugurated the special project “MasterDocenti”, aimed not at young people but at trainers. Devised and organised by Manni Group in collaboration with COSP, Verona’s Vocational School Guidance Committee, the Master sets out to train those who train the workforce of tomorrow, focusing on companies’ expectations in terms of the knowledge and soft skills to be possessed by candidates.


Over the years, Manni Group has supported multiculturalism by encouraging an open and stimulating work environment, resulting from exchanges between different backgrounds and values. This sensitivity has led us to support various humanitarian projects and solidarity endeavours worldwide.


In recent years, Manni Group has supported the construction of the paediatric hospital “Dubbo St. Mary Primary Hospital” in Areka, Ethiopia, through the “Pro Dubbo Onlus” foundation, established by Chairman Giuseppe Manni.


The Group participates in the mission of the “Bosco Children” Institute, which provides shelter to the city’s homeless children. Most notably, the donation of a pumping system powered by energy produced by a photovoltaic system donated by Manni Energy has been guaranteeing water supply since 2015.