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A great Group, made up of great people.

We believe in internationalisation, innovation and sustainability - but none of this would be possible without putting people first.

People first

The people who work for Manni Group day after day, with dedication and passion, are the company’s true strategic heritage and value. Their knowledge and skills underlie the Group's ability to innovate and pursue excellence.

Ever aware of the enormous strategic value of its people, Manni Group is constantly committed to stimulating a sense of belonging and motivation in all those who work for the company. This we do by developing a close bond between our history, our corporate culture, and evolving trends, which we constantly monitor.

We invest in training and in business academies, devoting time and energy to process automation and R&D growth.

We ensure internal job rotation and external work experience to foster professional growth and cultural exchange, which we believe translate into vision and methodology.

We regard diversity as a value. Which is why we are committed to listening to the needs of our local communities, promoting equal opportunities, maternity and paternity rights, the spread of welfare policies, and a good work-life balance through new remote working policies.

Our people in number

Group employees
Workers covered by an occupational health and safety management system
Participants in the first Performance Management project

The management of Human Resources relies on three fundamental assets that have fostered the company’s continuous growth and evolution: awareness, adaptation and collaboration.


Information Technology is key for an international group like ours, its role translating into full business content integration and constant collaboration between IT and business.


Planning, monitoring and developing strategies to implement Manni Group’s business:
our Marketing & Communication management is entrusted to competent traditional and digital marketing figures responsible for managing events, trade shows, product launches and competitions.


The Operations department connects every business unit: it ensures our designs comply with the industry’s technical and regulatory standards, it verifies their implementation, and it participates actively in commissioning our systems.


Through their consulting and planning activities, our Sales & Customer Care resources are key to building external relations with stakeholders and customers.


Designing, implementing and monitoring alternative solutions are key to developing a concrete approach to technology and R&D.
Such qualities help to establish a profitable, long-lasting relationship with suppliers and customers.


At Manni Group, we encourage open exchange and professional growth within a healthy, stimulating working environment. To this end, we implement a series of important initiatives designed to meet the company’s development goals. Manni Group believes that personal and business goals should always be aligned, based on the specific needs and expectations of the various generations working for the company.


We are committed to developing our staff’s skills, promoting their professional and cultural growth, their lifelong learning and their ongoing training, in order to create a safe, healthy and sustainable work environment.


As a forward-looking company, Manni Group supports the integration of the younger generations, whose know-how and skills it is committed to cultivating and enhancing.


In line with the Group's sustainability and innovation strategy, we are moving towards an organisational structure that includes agile, remote working. To do this, we are adopting new processes and instruments, as well as boosting accountability and trust within our organisation, with a view to working by goals and improving our people’s work-life balance.


Manni Group’s internationalisation strategy is well underway, through the exchange and sharing of professional know-how and experiences between companies, and the opportunity to work at other Group offices, both in Italy and abroad.


In addition to training, Manni Group also promotes other services designed to improve the quality of life of its workers. Every Group employee has access to a corporate welfare platform, where they can benefit from a series of promotions relating to various product and service categories, such as personal and family care, school and training, leisure, travel, technology and fashion.


Our Human Resources department integrates Personnel Administration and Management competencies and systems with new projects designed to increase our knowledge of our people, as well as their engagement, development, satisfaction and performance. Through its work, HR aims to set up an organisational structure consistent with the Group’s strategy, centred on the enhancement of skills, aptitudes and diversity. Personnel management has thus been enriched with new knowledge and instruments related to recruitment, training and internal communication, as well as a new Performance Management process, officially launched in June 2019 in the companies Manni Group, Manni Energy and Manni Green Tech, with the aim of progressively extending it to all Group companies. Thanks to this process, every manager, having defined the goals for his or her Department, can now monitor quantifiable, measurable performance factors based on the observed behaviour of employees; a structured, objective activity that relies on open communication and constant dialogue.