isopan Manni Group


Among the world leaders in the production of metal insulating panels. It promotes sustainable construction, offering more innovative solutions and the use of safer and more efficient materials.

Isopan is among the main global players of the Group on the main international markets in the production of insulating metal panels for walls and roofs for:

→ commercial, civil, industrial and livestock buildings;

→ to cold logistics, Mass Market Retailers and data center.

In addition to two production plants in Italy, Isopan is active worldwide with four foreign companies Isopan Ibérica (Spain), Isopan Est (Romania), Isopan Deutschland (Germany), Isopan Rus (Russia), and Isocindu (Mexico); as well as the commercial offices Isopan CZ, Isopan France and Manni Store itself.

Isopan has always been committed to the innovation of products and services, with particular attention to improving the performance of buildings in terms of safety, energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. The value and competitive advantage offered by Isopan through the high performance of the products and the deep attention to the customer have made the company a reliable partner for many Italian and foreign companies.

The quantity of panels sold by Isopan in 2019 is equivalent to over 190 times the size of the Empire State Building.

Isopan can boast an offer featuring a unique range of applications and variants: the insulation core can be in mineral wool or polyurethane foam or made with LEAF technology and can be used in the production of wall or roof panels. The patented Isodeck PVSteel panel, designed for the construction of flat roofs, can be installed in combination with green roofs to build sustainable high added value solutions, while wall panels can contribute to the construction of ventilated façades. Isopan Ibérica and Isocindu took advantage of this feature by initiating a lead-generation campaign known as “Esquadra Perfecta” aimed at promoting this type of solutions, showing above all their advantages compared to construction methods composed of layers of different materials that are laid on site.