The Mexican company specialising in the construction of large metal structures has chosen ISOFIRE WALL and ISOPARETE BOX for its Uruapan plant in Mexico: the priorities included thermal insulation and fire resistance.






Uruapan, México


2,170 square metres of ISOFIRE WALL and as many as 22,000 of ISOPARETE BOX: these are the materials provided by Isocindu to Galvaroof S.A., a company set up in the Central American country in 1998 and specialised in the construction of large metal structures, especially ships, warehouses and industrial buildings. A leader at a national level, Galvaroof is known for the quality of its products, but also the services offered, based on which they guide their customers through all stages of the project by providing a ‘all-inclusive’ service ranging from design to the construction of the required structure. “Galvaroof is one of the most important Mexican industries – says engineer Ramón Molina, Director at Galvaroof. “We are known and appreciated for the great quality of our services, for our care for our employees and environmental sustainability policies. This is why, when we needed to expand our production areas, we thought of turning to a company that, just like us, was an industry leader. And we chose the materials of Isocindu, behind which there is the expertise of two outstanding companies of the likes of Isopan and Cindu”.

“The new production facility in Uruapan, the second-largest city in the state of Michoacan – says Molina – required the use of 2,170 square metres of ISOFIRE WALL, whose mineral wool allowed for a great reaction to fire and 22,000 square feet of ISOPARETE BOX, excellent for both insulation and its high aesthetic value”.


The excellent reaction to fire, combined with the excellent thermal insulation were fundamental in choosing the product: we are talking about ISOFIRE WALL, a mineral wool sandwich panel with a double metal coating. Available in nine colours, red fire, gentian blue, dark brown, grey white, light ivory, green moss, olive green, pure white and silver. ISOFIRE WALL has interlocking fasteners and can be installed both vertically and horizontally.

Particularly suitable for use in walls in industrial and commercial buildings, ISOPARETE BOX is a sandwich panel with concealed fixings characterised by a high thermal insulation capacity. Available in nine different colours, the same of ISOFIRE WALL, this wall panel has polyurethane insulation and different profiling types.

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