Filippi Gmbh

The company Filippi Gmbh, dealer of trapezoidal ISO profiles, with headquarters in southern Germany (Baden- Württemberg), decided to use Isopan products, not just to expand the company but also for the benefit of its own employees, to whom it wished to offer a more comfortable work environment.








The most important thing for the company was to be able to warehouse products and process them properly. It is precisely for this reason that it chose to mainly use the sandwich panels, as they can be easily processed and also guarantee insulation from heat and cold, and soundproofing. In June 2016, it was thus able to build a 3,200 sq.m. room with a flat saddle roof. Approximately 2,500 sq.m. of turquoise Isoparete Evo panels, with a core size of 80 mm, were used for the construction. The most convincing feature of Isopan products was their combination of advice, quality, price and aesthetics. The collaboration has been seen as particularly positive: the Isopan team was able to offer flexible and professional advice to Filippi GmbH throughout the procedure, from offer to delivery.