Power Marine Shipyard

The expertise of Manni Sipre service center for the construction of the new prestigious Power Marine shipyard, a building with a heart of steel.

Power Marine, born in the early 1980s in Massa Carrara, is a company specialized in the design and construction of high-performance fibre composite boats. Active in three sectors - racing, pleasure craft and defense - the company has experienced an exponential growth in recent years and has begun an important process of renewal. It is in this scenario that the project for the renovation and expansion of its production site takes place.


For this new plant it was crucial that greater production efficiency did not compromise the high standard of quality and performance of the boats, characterized by, and recognized on the market for their blend of craftsmanship and technological innovation.


From the beginning, the choice for the structure was therefore oriented towards steel, which had the leading role for two main reasons: the timing of supply and assembly - crucial to allow the company to not slow down production for too long - and its intrinsic technical characteristics. In fact, it was essential to provide a resistant material, which could support on the one hand an impressive structure in width - with spans of 25 meters - and in height, and, at the same time, could withstand very heavy loads.


The building - expected to be completed by the end of 2022 - with a double aisle and 24 meters high, will therefore accommodate the production and processing of boats, thanks to a continuous management system, which will develop the production line in height.  Furthermore, thanks to the structural steel of which it is made, the frame of the building will guarantee maximum resistance, allowing the safe work of 4 overhead cranes that can handle a total weight of 120 tons.


The realization of this important project was made possible by Manni Sipre that, through the work of the plants of Monteprandone (AP), firstly, and Mozzecane (VR), accompanied and supported the customer from the definition to the exact supply of a total of 960 tons steel, declined in Finished Structural Elements that make up the internal structure of the building.


The products – rolled beams, angles and plates – were delivered already cut, drilled and hot dip galvanized, ready to be assembled directly on site, all according to the pre-defined timing, faithful to the key principles of the off-site building construction method, such as efficiency and sustainability.