Platys Center

Platys Center, a landmark of urban redevelopment on a European scale

An innovative oasis for relax and sport activities that covers an area of 50.000mq at the heart of Verona.

Project: Sports and recreational center  

Location: Verona

Isopan solution: Isodeck PVSTEEL fono; ADDWind ventilated facade

Customer: Bio Campus Sporting srl

Design: Magnoli & Partners 

Photo: Flavio Chiesa

Manni Group’s technologies for energy efficiency

Platys Center is a fifty-thousand-square-meter sports center surrounded by water and nature, with state-of-the-art services for sports activities, holistic disciplines and relaxation. Starting from urban regeneration, it is oriented towards the well-being of the community, where the use of innovative solutions has been decisive to achieve this goal (Learn more). Every choice, from design to construction, from services to activities, was in fact guided by a strong environmental responsibility.

Manni Group also contributed to this goal as a Project Partner, providing its technologies. The metalwork of the numerous sports fields is constructed with pre-processed steel elements supplied by Manni Sipre service center, which are fully recyclable and modularly designed.

The flat roofs of the structures are made using about 4.000 mq of Isopan Isodeck PVSteel sandwich panels, a product that offers the best performance in terms of waterproofing and carbon footprint, which was created in collaboration with Renolit Arkoplan roofing products. The panels used for the roofing with a thickness of 150 mm are sound insulating and provide an alfaw sound absorption of 1 and a sound insulation of 34 db for the coverage of sports fields in order to make even the most dynamic activities pleasant and relaxing.

Moreover, for the building façade, it has been chosen the ventilated facade system ADDWind, covering an area of 1300mq with two different types of exterior finishes: HPL high-pressure laminated – decorative yet easy to maintain and resistant to mechanical shocks, weather and chemicals – and a finish in wood strips with high aesthetic value.

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A project for the all-round well-being of the territory

Thanks to these and other design and construction interventions, such as solar panels covering all structures, Platys Center's buildings are nZEB (nearly Zero Energy Building), meaning they can produce more energy than the one they consume.

Innovative design methods, identified solutions, entrepreneurial vision, and technical expertise make the Platys Center a benchmark in European-scale urban regeneration projects.

It was precisely this combination of innovation and sustainability that enabled Platys Center to be the first in Europe as a Bio Campus to apply for certification under the GBCI® (Green Business Certification Inc.) Silver-level SITES® voluntary protocol, identified as the most comprehensive system for the creation and certification of sustainable and resilient land development projects.