Manni Group is involved in a new urban renewal project in Verona: Platys Center

The Platys Center is a new sports and leisure centre covering a 50,000-square metre area, only a few kilometres from the Arena in Verona.

The centre features 4 indoor and air-conditioned padel courts with removable walls to enable year-round use; 3 beach volleyball courts (two of which are indoors, air-conditioned and with heated sand); 1 five-a-side football pitch; a multi-purpose sports facility of about 800 square metres and a 1,200-square-metre swimming pool. It also has a theatre for hosting outdoor events and a lounge-bistro that is scheduled to open in September 2022.

The project by the Magnoli & Partners architecture firm involves a complete redevelopment of the area in order to set up a “Bio campus”, thus addressing the need to make the Platys Center a venue that can promote people’s well-being and, at the same time, the well-being of the city and of the environment.

Sustainability-oriented design and the application of technologically innovative solutions allowed Platys Center to be the first in Europe to be certified according to the GBCI® (Green Business Certification Inc.) SITES® Silver level voluntary protocol; the most comprehensive system for developing and certifying sustainable and resilient land development projects.

This protocol entails respecting and applying a set of criteria regarding the preservation of natural resources and biodiversity, reducing emissions and energy use, analysing, and selecting building materials, with a particular focus on the relationship between the building and the community.

As a result of this approach, all Platys Center buildings are nZEB (nearly Zero Energy Building), which means they produce more energy than they consume, thanks to several design and construction measures.

Manni Group's contribution to the project

The Platys Center was built by combining ethics and aesthetics. The first step taken as part of the partnership for the construction of the Platys Center involved, first and foremost, meeting the various needs of the client in the best possible way.

The huge emphasis on environmental sustainability and energy efficiency throughout all stages of the project, from planning the design until its implementation, was also reflected in the solutions provided by Manni Group.

The metal structures of the building were manufactured using pre-fabricated steel elements supplied by the Manni Sipre service centre, which are fully recyclable and in line with the modularity concept behind the whole project.

Moreover, Isopan envelope solutions were also used. Thanks to the ADDWind ventilated façade system and the Isodeck PVSteel roofing panel, a high level of performance is ensured, not only when it comes to functionality, resistance and thermal insulation but also when it comes to aesthetics and design.

The sports centre was inaugurated in mid-June, and Manni Group participated in the event as a partner company. 

Photos: @Bio Campus Sporting