For the new Portuguese dealer in Faro, architects of the Rarcon firm have designed and created a minimalist building with an irregular geometric shape. To build it, they resorted to the ventilated facade system by Isopan to create an envelope that easily adapts to the geometric irregularities of the project. The ARK WALL system by Isopan not only led to fast installation, but also a unique aesthetic result.






Faro, Portogallo


The opening of the new Lexus dealer in Faro, in Portugal’s Algarve region, also involves the development of a new concept of commercial space and showcase. Architectural firm Rarcon took on the project to turn it into a building with a strong identity. As Rarcon explains: “Starting from the existing metal building and from the reformulation of the concept of commercial space, we worked to recreate an iconic structure that would stand out from the structures in the same urban area. The existing structure had a very unique design to accommodate all the technical needs of the customer, like the showroom, offices, reception room and an upper technical storey. Moreover, there was the need to include slopes to both comply with the project and monitor rainwater drainage. The roof has been conceived as a fifth facade, treated, modelled and covered like the other walls of the building, to add uniformity in every respect. The geometric features, designed to amaze and attract the customer, are made thanks to a superstructure applied to the existing cover, a solution that focuses on creativity and design. Inside the building, the relationship with the external envelope is highlighted by the use of the same style applied to make the roof, by modelling the metal structures characteristic of the premises. The building acts as a unique example with a strong morphological identity that is perfectly combined with the identity of the brand, where colour and shape prevail in space”.

Photo credits: Ivo Tavares Studio

The ADDWind ventilated façade

The use of the dry construction technique not only improved the technical performance of the building, but also led to an excellent architectural finish. The ADDWind ventilated façade system by Isopan perfectly adapts to the irregularities of the designed envelope. Thanks to the system, the light metal structure supporting the Isopan panels can hold up the final cover with fibre cement panels. Even façades and roofs, created by using the same construction element, are the result.