VELUXlab is the first Nearly Zero Energy building in Italy on a university campus (Class A+ of the CENED energy protocol) and first Active House certified with “as-built label” in Italy.




Isopan, Manni Green Tech


Politecnico di Milano, via Giuseppe La Masa, 34, 20156, Milano (IT)


The project began in 2011 when VELUX Italia decided to build an experimental laboratory at the Polytechnic University of Milan: this is how VELUXlab developed. Already conceived, in terms of volumes and technological features, as a model-home for Mediterranean climates by Studio ACXT/IDOM, for this occasion the building was completely redeveloped by the team at the Polytechnic University of Milan, led by Professor Marco Imperadori (who has been directing the laboratory since the start of the project), becoming the prototype of a high energy efficiency building and a real case study to explore the theme of sustainable development in the design, management and maintenance of buildings of the future.

A bona fide active lab of the Polytechnic University of Milan, VELUXlab is the subject of continuous experimentation, including the latest completed in the summer of 2019: the design of a new roof realised with Isopan's Green Roof system, which combines the Isopan polyurethane sandwich panel roof with packed technological solutions for the Daku rooftop garden.

It involves 31 Isopan PVSteel polyurethane panels, characterised by pre-coupling with the Renolit Alkorplan Sst synthetic waterproof external lining membrane, made with a thickness of 40 mm, a width of 1,000 mm, variable length based on “customised” production starting from the Isodeck PVSteel and Isopiano products available on the market. Most of the 105 sq.m. of variable inclination roofing were covered with green layers of crassulaceae sedum, created with Daku technology. The fastening operations included: the positioning of the metal containment profiles by welding a waterproofing sheath to the pre-coupled synthetic layer to the sandwich panels; the positioning of the 47 mm Daku FSD 10 accumulation and drainage panels, the Daku STABILFILTER SFE filter and finally the filling of the “tanks” thus created with soil and vegetation cuttings, respectively Daku ROOF SOIL 2 and DAKU SEDUM.

A new “crown” for the laboratory of the Polytechnic University of Milan that actually shows the continuous and careful research activity in the design and re-design of the envelope solutions for high-efficiency buildings. Thanks to this fervent dynamism, and to the innovative home automation and sensorial features, VELUXlab is now an active, smart & cognitive building.

Design team: Prof. Marco Imperadori (Engineer), Prof. Graziano Salvalai (Engineer), Federica Brunone (Engineer) - Polytechnic University of Milan, ABC Department, Chiara Re Depaolini, Gianluca Crippa, Marco Bossi, thesis students at the Polytechnic University of Milan

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