Radumlya Storage

Efficiency and sustainability for the Radumlya Logistics Centre.


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60 cold rooms and 59 controlled temperature areas, all state of the art: Thermocool Group chose Isopan’s Isofrozen and Isofrozen Ht insulating panels for a strategic project of the logistics centre just outside Moscow.

The wholesale distribution centre in Radumlya, on the outskirts of Moscow, is a leading-edge facility for the preservation and processing of agricultural and food products. It is located in Solnechnogorsk, across an overall surface of 54 hectares which include not just the facilities intended for the storage and preservation of food, but also phytosanitary and veterinary laboratories, offices, banks, bars, restaurants, shops, a 16-hectare car park and the Kubrik Hotel for the employees and visitors of the logistics centre in Moscow.

Inaugurated in 2016, it is an example of high-tech, efficient and sustainable cold logistics. The Thermocool Group project allowed for the creation of 39 positive temperature cold rooms, 21 negative temperature ones and 59 controlled-temperature work areas of a variable size between 112 and 450 metres and a height of 6 metres.

The selection of Isopan, Isofrozen and Isofrozen HT panels with a labyrinth joint enabled the premises to reach extremely high insulation, energy efficiency and safety standards in the event of a fire.

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