Hotel Hubertus Wellness Area

Hotel Hubertus Wellness Area

The "Hub of Huts," the upside-down village that houses the incredible SPA suspended in the void supported by 125 tons of steel

Project: Hotel Hubertus

Location: Olang Valley, Bozen, Italy

Design: Noa* Network

Final work and assembly: Sparer Stahlbau 

Photos: Alex Filz

"Hub of Huts", the incredible upside-down village, is the name of the project that defines the spectacular expansion of the wellness area at the Hotel Hubertus, a luxurious structure located in Olang Valley, amidst the Dolomites at an altitude of 1350 meters, offering an incredible view of the Pustertal Valley.

Its unique location in such a special area led the client to request more than just a simple structural enlargement but rather a true "work of art" where the architects, who had previously designed the hotel's infinity pool, could unleash their creativity with basically a blank canvas.

The suspended spa in the void, housing saunas, relaxation areas, and hot tubs, is the result of a significant team effort involving the NOA* architecture studio in Bozen, entrusted with the project by the Gasser family, who owns the hotel. The Sparer carpentry company handled the assembly and construction of the structure in collaboration with the structural engineers from IPM studio and Manni Sipre, which provided a substantial 125 tons of pre-processed steel, including welded and rolled beams.

The iconic suspended structure is supported by an enormous welded beam. The customer's requirements included composite beams with profiles outside the standard range, already pre-drilled and of significant dimensions: with thicknesses of 60 mm, widths of 500 mm, and heights of up to 1.70 meters.

The pre-processed elements were then finalized, assembled on the ground, and lifted into position by the Sparer team with the help of two truck-mounted cranes. The project was a coordinated effort between the client, designers, supplier, and engineering studio, more of a true partnership than a simple supply.

For the choice of material for this realization, we started talking about steel with the static engineers at a very early stage of design. Indeed, we did not know whether such a structure, with these characteristics, was truly feasible

Arch. Gottfried Gruber, NOA* Studio

In addition to the evident structural challenge, a key element that distinguished Manni Sipre as a partner for the realization of the project was the adherence to the very tight timelines required.

Thanks to the wide availability of stock and in-house expertise in the fabrication of welded beams, the client was able to win an otherwise impossible order: in fact, everything was defined, machined, pre-assembled and delivered in 3 months, guaranteeing the hotel's reopening to the public in the chosen period.

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If Manni Sipre had not confirmed the supply, and had we not worked as a team we would not have been able to take that order (...)Instead, together, with a team effort we were able to make a beautiful structure, on time and of excellent quality

Hannes Sparer, Sparer Stahlbau manager