The Guidi family believes a good supplier is as important as a good customer. Hence, its 15-year business relationship with Isopan does not come as a surprise.


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The latest pride and joy of the entrepreneur, already established in the poultry sector, is the new Albisole plant for storing and processing approximately 2,000 quintals of apricots a day. A 26,000-sq.m. plant built with special attention to the environment: the result is a cutting-edge, energy-efficient building. The plant, powered by a photovoltaic system, has an Isocop and Isobox sandwich panel covering to reduce heat loss, as well as Isofrigo for temperature-controlled indoor environments, to make sure the cold chain is never interrupted.

For over 30 years, the Guidi family has been proudly supporting its core values: food safety and attention to detail. In addition to technical perfection, the new Albisole plant features a special aesthetic touch that makes Giancarlo and Roberto Guidi proud of the result achieved.

In fact, we consider a good supplier the same way as a good customer, we place them on the same level.

Mr Giancarlo Guidi, owner of Albisole
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