The Capsule module by Manni Green Tech is among the selected products for ADI Design Index 2021

A cutting-edge solution that is part of the 2021 selection of the Italian Industrial Design Association - ADI Design Index.

The Capsule module has been developed from the collaboration between Manni Green Tech belonging to the historical industrial Verona-based business Manni Group, Il Prisma the international group of architecture and design, and design brand Lago.


Each year ADI identifies the best Italian design put into production. The ADI Permanent Design Observatory has selected Capsule for publication on the ADI Design Index 2021.

The 2021 selection was presented on October 27 in Milan during the dedicated exhibition, which includes products or product systems of every product category, theoretical-critical research, process or business research applied to design.

A result of great importance, since the ADI Design Index 2021 represents the second volume of the two-year cycle that collects the products pre-selected for the Compasso d'Oro ADI 2022 Award. Conceived in 1954 by "La Rinascente" and then donated to ADI which has managed it continuously since 1956, it is the most prestigious recognition of the production and design quality of goods, services, processes and systems of Italian design. The recognition, which collects the award-winning products, has generated the largest historical design collection, declared in 2004 "good of national interest".


Capsule stands out for the safety and independence of the module, in addition to the ready-made design. In fact, the structure features integrated systems and a series of IoT sensors and technologies which provide the correct renewal of air, humidity control and sanitisation of the rooms in addition to energy savings and greater use of natural light. Capsule is built through off-site construction which, combined with the transformable philosophy of the module, allows it to integrate easily in the location, without interfering with the setting, on the contrary, making it even more liveable, rich and enchanting. Thanks to highly engineered solutions, the construction and site set-up times of the module are extremely brief. The result is a dynamic system that is also long lasting and sustainable.

Starting from the end of June, the innovative modular structure is joining the buildings of the Enzo Ferrari Museum in Modena as a multimedia conference room, to enrich and amplify the visitor's experience.


photo credits: Andrea Martiradonna