On 31/10/2022 Manni Sipre S.p.A. acquired 100% of the shares of Metallurgica Piemontese Lavorazioni S.r.l.


Founded in 2014 and headquartered in Rivoli (TO), Metallurgica Piemontese Lavorazioni S.r.l. is a service centre for the machining of beams and angles in the construction industry.

In 2021, it had over 240 customers and an expected turnover of 27.4 million Euro. With a production capacity of 30,000 tonnes processed per year, the company offers cutting, drilling and rounding services in the steel pre-processing sector for steelwork. In its competitive environment, it is characterised by a high level of know-how, reliability, speed of delivery and completeness of stock.


After an almost ten-year history in Feralpi Group, MPL has achieved excellent results, a gradual increase in the quality of services offered as well as the expansion of its customer base to a national target group. Manni Sipre, through this acquisition, aims to further support MPL's growth and to help express the company's full potential in the coming years by addressing and seizing market challenges and opportunities.

This will be done by creating a multi-product pole, with an expansion of categories, ranges and qualities, in order to increase diversification and extension, while maintaining continuity in the current core business of processing beams at the Rivoli site.


"For Manni Sipre, this acquisition means obtaining greater production capacity, as well as greater coverage and competitiveness in the western area of Northern Italy, through an expansion of the range of products (beams, tubes and merchant bars) distributed throughout the territory, and also thanks to the synergy with the Manni Sipre plant in Crema, to offer reduced lead times, availability and pre-processing. In addition to development in the national territory, this acquisition also opens up the prospect of further growth in the French market, having an outlet closer to the territory” comments Nicola Bresciani, General Manager of Manni Sipre.


“It represents a strategic choice for us in anticipation of the sector's growth trend at national level over the next three years, closely linked to the execution of the PNRR, but also with an eye to possible development abroad, thanks to Next Generation EU funds” adds Francesco Manni, President of Manni Group Spa.


Furthermore, this transaction allows Manni Sipre to strengthen itself in an even broader market development perspective. In fact, the company is oriented towards increasingly spreading the culture of steel drywall construction across a broad spectrum, from dissemination activities to making the service operationally more efficient in order to reach all areas homogeneously and be a valid support in the dissemination of this construction technology.

Steel dry construction systems are a reliable method of constructing safe, high-performance buildings on time and on budget. In Italy over the past decade, there has been a growing interest in Modern Methods of Construction, which offer countless advantages in terms of efficiency and quality, including speed of execution, minimisation of waste resulting from careful design, increased safety on site, and high traceability of costs and performance.


This acquisition does not only bring benefits to the individual companies, but also important synergies. The union of Manni Sipre and MPL means merging mutual expertise to achieve added value

This is part of Manni Sipre's strategy to maximise the potential of MPL in its core business. MPL's potential has already been expressed through various aspects: a technical department with experience in the world of construction and able to offer specialised advice to customers in the choice of products with the most suitable characteristics in relation to their design requirements; an efficient 4.0 operational management model and vertical software interconnected with the plants there is continuous monitoring of all activities ensuring high quality in the services offered, speed of execution and minimisation of waste; and a complete range in stock of all types of products (in terms of thickness, size, quality) to meet customer needs in a timely manner.

Moreover, the two companies already share strengths that will be further consolidated through this transaction. Both businesses are, in fact, characterised by important distinctive common elements. Manni Sipre has identified values and strategic approaches that adhere to its own within the MPL organisation. These include: a consolidated relationship with its suppliers and a highly loyal customer base; high professionalism, speed of execution, and certainty of supply compared to competitors; a highly specialised operating team that guarantees high quality and precision in the activities carried out; a streamlined operational structure, with a complete range in stock of all the products necessary to meet customer requirements; and guaranteed certification and traceability of materials, necessary conditions for the realisation of large works.


From a logistical point of view, Metallurgica Piemontese Lavorazioni S.r.l. will keep its operations unchanged at its Rivoli site in Turin together with its contact references, thus becoming a further production pole progressively more and more integrated into Manni Sipre.

In this way, an ongoing relationship with the customer is guaranteed, which is enhanced by these new synergies towards continuous progress and expansion of the business.