Manni Group Leader of Sustainability 2023 on ESG issues

Leader of Sustainability 2023: Manni Group is reconfirmed among the 240 Italian companies protagonists on ESG issues

The report, prepared by Statista in collaboration with Il Sole 24 Ore, is in its third edition. 240 Italian companies awarded for their transparent reporting from an Environmental, Social, Economic and Governance point of view. Among these, also Manni Group for the second consecutive year.

On May 17, Il Sole 24 Ore released the "Leaders in Sustainability 2023" dossier, the list that collects the commitment of Italian companies towards ESG criteria (Environmental, Social, Governance). The publication recognizes Manni Group among the 240 Italian companies that stood out on ESG issues, 40 more than last year. The analysis was conducted by Statista, a leading market research company specializing in corporate rankings, in collaboration with Il Sole 24 Ore.

The survey methodology

The procedure for identifying and selecting the most deserving companies has maintained the criteria used in previous editions. Approximately 1,500 companies based in Italy were identified for the research. The list was drawn up thanks to company databases, sector lists and desk research, from which companies active in Italy and belonging to the companies with the highest turnover in the country or listed on the Italian stock exchange were chosen, with a public sustainability report (or equivalent data). The study was based on the analysis of 45 total indicators in the three dimensions of sustainability - environmental, economic and social - thanks to which around 450 large Italian companies were specifically analysed.

Leaders in Sustainability 2023

«This year the winners were divided into two lists according to the size of their 2021 turnover. The result is a list of large companies with 200 winners, whose 2021 turnover is more than 100 million euros, and one of medium and small companies, with 40 winners with a turnover of less than 100 million», Lisa Dei, analyst at Statista.

The overall balance of the third edition of the ranking was reconfirmed as positive, with performances improving every year compared to the previous edition. For the second year, Manni Group is reconfirmed as Leader in Sustainability, together with other large companies that have won two times such as Vodafone, Calzedonia and Esselunga with which it shares a strong responsibility on an environmental, social and governance level. The Group is proudly included in the Large Companies list, specifically for the plant engineering-construction sector, alongside companies such as Prysmian and Webuild.

A confirmation of the totally voluntary commitment that the Group has been carrying out in recent years, as it is not subject to regulatory compliance on a par with publicly traded or financial companies. In fact, in 2022, Manni Group renewed the request for assessment by Cerved Rating Agency of all its activities according to the ESG criteria relating to 2021, to continue what it had started in 2021, with the aim of constantly improving to be strategically oriented towards the future. The new assessment demonstrated an increase in the ESG score from 65.4 to 67.5 confirming the position in the “High” category with a BBB rating.

Highlighted within the Leader in Sustainability 2023 report, the fashion and footwear companies, which have surpassed the world of finance in environmental and social performance, as the new regulations to which companies in the textile and fashion sector are subject are very challenging to meet. Among the other sectors of activity represented in the ranking we find the energy sector, with Gse as the leader, and the services sector in which the two exhibition giants Fiera Milano and Italian Exhibition Group stand out.