Isopan joins the Cool3 campaign by Renolit Arkoplan roofing products

Isopan joins the Cool3 campaign by Renolit Arkoplan roofing products

Isodeck PVSteel is the sandwich panel for flat roofs born from the partnership between Isopan and Renolit Arkoplan roofing products. The Isodeck PVSteel sandwich panel is coupled with the RENOLIT ALKORPLAN Bright waterproof membrane from Renolit Arkoplan roofing products, it is made up of an insulating core in polyurethane foam or mineral wool, and a double sheet that makes it resistant to loads, designed for flat or slightly sloping roofs. The product is characterized by the increase in energy efficiency of buildings, as the cool roof membrane has an amazing SRI 115% which allows it to reflect the sun's rays, lower the internal temperature, save energy for air conditioning, and reduce CO2 emissions, thus helping to counteract the heat island effect of urban areas, with great benefit on the effects of climate change. It also improves the efficiency of photovoltaic systems.

Isodeck PVSteel participates in Renolit's Cool3 campaign, in collaboration with Treedom, a B-Corp company that has planted over 3,500,000 trees worldwide since 2010. For every 100 m2 of Isodeck PVSteel coupled with RENOLIT ALKORPLAN Bright sold, a tree is planted which will absorb an average of 345 kg of CO2 over ten years.

Isodeck PVSteel is an innovative product that contributes to the fight against climate change, thanks to its energy efficiency and reduced carbon footprint. An example of recent use of the Isodeck PVSteel product is Platys Center, the sports and leisure center in Verona, an example of urban redevelopment aimed at the well-being of citizens and the territory. In this virtuous context, 4000 m2 of Isodeck PVSteel were applied to cover the sports fields intended for various activities, including paddle, beach volleyball and five-a-side football.

The application of this technology, together with other Manni Group solutions, allowed Platys Center to be the first candidate in Europe as a Bio Campus to obtain certification according to the voluntary SITES® Silver level protocol of GBCI® (Green Business Certification Inc.), identified as the most complete system for the creation and certification of sustainable and resilient land development projects.



Photo credit: Flavio Chiesa