Trans Lusia logistics hub

High energy efficiency performance with the Isopan's Isofrozen solution for the cold chain

Location: Oppeano, Verona | Italy

Isopan solution: Isofrozen sandwich panel with Leaf technology

Design: ITAL T.V.T.

Trans Lusia, the consortium based in Rovigo specialized since 1993 in fruit and vegetable transport at national and international level. In addition to the transport service, it offers the possibility of goods storage in the warehouse at a controlled temperature.

In Oppeano, in the province of Verona, Trans Lusia built a new 10,000 sqm cold storage warehouse. To guarantee the quality and conservation of agricultural production, one of Tran Lusia's main objectives, 12,550 square meters of Isofrozen panel with Leaf polyurethane foam insulation were used to internally cover the walls and ceilings of the cold rooms.

The result is a temperature-controlled building to never interrupt the cold chain, and energy efficient.

In fact, thanks to the Leaf technology of the Isopan refrigeration panel, high thermal insulation performance is achieved, in particular by reducing the thermal conductivity value of the polyurethane foam. With the same thickness, it is therefore possible to obtain lower thermal transmittances compared to a standard product, with a consequent reduction of thermal dispersion up to 20%.

In terms of safety, the Leaf solution has obtained class B-s1,d0 fire reaction certification, the highest achievable in Europe, which certifies the absence of fumes resulting from exposure to fire from the foam. Furthermore, this solution minimizes the impact on the environment because it does not use halogenated flame retardants.