Siderio Home

Siderio Home

Off-site technology at the service of the residential sector

Project: Siderio Home

Location: Cellatica, Brescia

Ownership and design: Archè Italia Srl

Isopan solution for facade: ADDWind

Isopan solution for roofing: Isodeck PVSteel

Siderio Home is a project by Archè Italia Srl, a manufacturing company that has been manufacturing innovative carpentry structures, windows and doors and furnishing accessories with an industrial style for over 50 years.

Archè Italia Srl had set itself the challenge of building a house with dry technology, by designing it entirely in its technical office, defining all the details in the executive and producing them in the factory before being installed on site.

Off-site building is a philosophy adopted by Isopan itself through its envelope solutions to create safe buildings with high energy savings. With the creation of Siderio Home Isopan was thus able to contribute to promoting the concept of mechanical house that its client wanted to express in this project.

Indeed, for the cladding of Siderio Home, the Isopan system for ventilated facades ADDWind with Moonwalk finish was used, which guarantees high thermal insulation performance and at the same time gives the building a sophisticated, captivating and modern design.

The flat roof of the house was instead made with the Isodeck PVSteel panel by Isopan, which is characterized by high mechanical and UV-ray resistance, and a high waterproofing capacity.

Both solutions are made up of a sandwich panel with 170mm thick mineral wool insulation.


The off-site construction using dry steel solutions allowed saving time and manpower, ensuring certain construction times.

The assembly of the metal structure required 9 working days for 3 people. The same amount of time was spent assembling the insulation panels and the roof. A total of 18 working days, a result very far from the timing of a construction site that uses traditional methodologies.

photo credit: Stefano Gasparato