New Michelini Srl plant with the new Isopan's Diamond Tech Black aesthetic finish

New Michelini Srl plant

Elegance and refinement with the new Diamond Tech Black aesthetic finish

Location: Castel Maggiore, Bologna, Italy

Property: Michelini Srl

Isopan solution: Isoparete Plus 2 panel with Diamond Teck Black finish

Michelini Srl company has been operating in the precision mechanics sector for over 50 years, making it, thanks to its experience, the supplier of prestigious automotive brands.

For the construction of Michelini's new plant, the project initially envisaged a cladding with a standing seam corrugated sheet metal panel. The solution proposed by Isopan as a high-quality alternative, composed of a panel with a Diamond Tech Black finish, was assessed at first sight as a winning choice for covering the façade of the entire building, capable of conferring a superior aesthetic sense.

Installed on a surface of 1700 sqm, the Isoparete Plus 2 steel sandwich panel is the ideal Isopan solution for this type of construction, characterized by an insulating polyurethane core and a hidden fixing system that limits its visual impact.

To complete it, the special Tech Black color from the Diamond range was used as external finish of the panel, the new metal coating whose surface is profiled to give a three-dimensional, elegant and uniform texture. The structured effect of the surfaces gives depth and a pleasant sensation to the touch, while the particular inclination of the faces returns the colors with a unique effect while helping to minimize the reflection of light.


Photo credit: Stefano Gasparato