NCT Motorcycles

A young company in rapid expansion needs to be able to rely on someone who, like Isopan, can just as quickly ensure the expansion of the structure while maintaining the corporate identity.






Klagenfurt, AUSTRIA


This is the case of NCT Motorcycles, an up and coming workshop specialised in the restoration and design of motorbikes. A few months after setting up the company in 2015, the owner David Widmann realised the need for a new and larger site for his company. The hall, showroom and workshop had to accommodate motorbikes of top brands like Ducati, Guzzi and Honda.

The owner tells of how Isopan has helped make their new site a modern, technologically advanced structure perfectly in keeping with the company's spirit and style. The Isoparete Plissé panels around the entire perimeter of the structure were the ideal choice in terms of high performance, quality and colour: black and gold, like the logo of NCT Motorcycles.

It was as good as it gets.

David Widmann, owner of NCT Motorcycles
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