Innoliving new headquarters

The rebirth of an industrial building with a new modern and elegant Isopan cladding.

Project: Industrial building requalification  

Location: Ancona, Italy

Isopan Solution: Isoparete and Isoclass sandwich panels 

Property: Innoliving Spa

Design: Sardellini Marasca Architetti

The new headquarters of Innoliving Spa was born thanks to an internal and external transformation intervention of an artisan shed from the 1980s.

The client's request was to restore soul and character to the building left in a state of decay for 15 years. The goal was achieved without resorting to demolition and reconstruction, but through targeted interventions such as rethinking the interior spaces and lighting and a new external cladding. In this way, an area of ​​1,000 square meters was modernized and redeveloped.

Isopan supplied two types of sandwich panels for the building facades. For the lower part, the Isoparete product with a flat finish was used, while the upper part was covered with the Isoclass panel characterized by a corrugated external profile.

This alternation, in addition to giving movement and a pleasant aesthetic sense, visually separates the internal organization of the spaces consisting of a ground floor used as a warehouse and outlet and a first floor for offices.

Photo credit: Cristian Fattinnanzi