Condiparma Diamond Isopan


Isopan and Manni Sipre, a synthesis of quality and refinement for the new factory immersed in the Ligurian hilly context

Project: New production plant

Where: Sarzana, La Spezia

Ownership: Condiparma di Biacchi Stefano & C. S.a.s.

Design: Bandini & Cantarelli S.a.s.

Isopan solution: Isoparete panel with Diamond finish, Isofire Wall panel, Isocop panel

Manni Sipre service: supply of machined beams 

Condiparma, a company specialising in bakery products, was founded back in 1962, and since then has undergone constant development aimed at continuously improving the quality of its products and market offering. In pursuit of this goal, work was recently completed on the new production plant in the town of Sarzana, in the province of La Spezia, on an area of 3130 sqm.

With a location visible from the Aulla motorway, the new building is aesthetically pleasing and unobtrusive to the eye, blending harmoniously with the surrounding hilly terrain. A feature that stems from one of the main requirements expressed by the client, namely to find an architectural solution that would offer the plant elegance and sophistication.  

This result was achieved thanks to an Isoparete sandwich panel combined with Isopan's original Diamond cladding, the premium finish chosen in the Premium colour RAL 1015 Ivory to vertically cover the almost 1,000 sqm of the building's façade, which stands out on the market for its innovative aesthetic performance. This metallic finish offers infinite versatility of application, allowing it to be used on buildings intended for different uses, with an aesthetic result that is always guaranteed.

To complete the cladding of the new plant, two more Isopan sandwich panels were used to ensure high safety and energy efficiency performance. Over 1300 sqm of 50 mm thick Isofire Wall panel cover the interior walls of the production area. The panel with EI 30 fire resistance certification meets the client's need for safety in terms of fire prevention. 800 sqm of 80 mm thick Isocop panel were used externally on the roof, achieving excellent water tightness and energy efficiency performance of the entire building.


The structure of the building is also by Manni Group. Manni Sipre has, in fact, supplied 60 tonnes of steel beams cut to size and drilled for carpentry work to Bandini e Cantarelli, a long-standing partner of Manni Sipre with a well-established relationship of mutual esteem, also due to the extreme competitiveness of the service provided with regard above all to delivery times and the quality of the finished product.

Thanks to this long-lasting collaboration, Bandini e Cantarelli also welcomed the use of Isopan's new Diamond product, making this site one of the first examples of successful application of the solution. A positive experience that further made the customer enthusiastic about the innovations that Manni Group continues to bring to the market. 

Photo credit: Flavio Chiesa