In Ibero (Navarra), there is the Isterria Foundation campus: a special education center, residence and work area funded by the Caja Navarra Foundation.






Ibero (Navarra).


The complex was designed by the architect Víctor Eusa in the 1950s and envisaged the arrangement of several buildings with a metal roof, supported by a metal structure and closed by a prefabricated module. Each bundle rested on a mixed pedestal of stone, brick, and concrete.

In the following years, new additional buildings were built. Some of them were not suitable for the required main function and therefore required renovation or a new environment. As in the case of the main classroom building. The foundation has decided to entrust a new project to the architectural studio Blasco Esparza Arquitectos & Asociados for the construction of a new building that meets the needs of the training center and is also fully accessible. The team of architects proposed a radical change in the central architecture of the campus with a focus on a more modern solution, even though it is integrated into the complex.

The windows of the building include an aluminum window module, repeating for the entire façade, resting on a concrete plinth. The architecture is a partially prefabricated element that contains the shutters of the building and air intakes.

Inside, the continuously neutral gray linoleum floor with underfloor heating forms practically the entire area of the center. The ceiling contains acoustic, modular and removable material for access to the systems. The main hall is configured with two indoor playgrounds connected to the portico space, which ensures greater continuity of passage from the outside.