Alma Center

Alma Center

A steel-based health hub that combines ample space, versatility and functionality

Steel structures realization and installation: DECAB srl

A state-of-the-art healthcare hub that expands the existing building in Mariglianella in the province of Naples by 6 times: this will be the new Alma Center, a 6000sqm multi-specialty center housing the Departments of Diagnostics, Radiotherapy and Nuclear Medicine.

This realization-scheduled for completion by the end of 2023-is based on a staggered two-story structure with a 24-meter overhang and found in steel an aesthetic and functional answer, which combined dimensional expansion with an impactful architectural choice, as well as representing an engineering solution to the problem of distancing from electrical cables on the construction lot. Steel also allowed numerous benefits related to flexibility in the management of the job order and site work, which were in fact carried out in a modular manner.

In the totality of the project, which amounted to 600 tons of steel, as many as 400 were supplied by Manni Sipre in rolled beams cut to size with important dimensions both in thickness (HEB 800) and length (15mt). These, after delivery, served as the basis for welded structural elements made on the ground and then assembled at the time on the structure. The project followed an external lateral lattice design that allowed stepwise construction and erection, which was optimal not only in the immediacy of the construction time management, but also from a long-term perspective.

In fact, eliminating internal structural obstacles ensures maximum performance in terms of room distribution and exploited space, while leaving open the option of possible future modifications. In addition, the absence of structural constraints such as pillars or load-bearing walls, allows extreme functionality in terms of plant engineering - all the material is inserted in beams therefore extremely easy to locate and maintain - as well as anti-seismic safety requirements given the geographical area in which the building is inserted, two fundamental strengths for a state-of-the-art medical facility serving the local community.