Work continues on the “CR2 Sinapsi” rehabilitation-recreational center

Work continues on the “CR2 Sinapsi” rehabilitation-recreational center

The construction of the new CR2 Sinapsi center is progressing in the Morbasco park in Cremona. Promoted by the Occhi Azzurri Onlus Foundation and financed by the Cariplo Foundation, it offers itself as an after-school center and rehabilitation center for citizens and for vulnerable categories linked to the world of disabilities. Project leaders are Filippo Ruvioli, president of Occhi Azzurri Onlus with Prof. Marco Imperadori, professor of technological innovation at the Polytechnic of Milan.


The project consists of two macro areas, an outpatient area for children and adults and a play-recreational area. The structure, through an innovative approach to the integration of services, is complementary to other existing realities in the area. Inside it will host an auditorium, a clinic, a playroom, various laboratories, including one specifically for manual activities, a physiotherapy center and a swimming centre. An area of 1,564 square meters made of metal carpentry, it will use design and architectural solutions in perfect connection with the therapeutic and social needs of families and the community.

For this solidarity work, Isopan took part in the construction as a Partner company. First of all, with the support of the Polytechnic of Milan, he created the prototype of the casing, which was exhibited in Piazza Marconi in Cremona during the inauguration day.

The envelope of the actual building, which is currently under construction, involves the application of the ADDWind ventilated facade system. This solution brings numerous benefits, including living comfort and energy savings thanks to the high thermal and acoustic insulation performance, high resistance to atmospheric agents which reduce maintenance, and design freedom while allowing a high aesthetic value. The facade is clad in Rockpanel Woods exterior finish from Isopan’s partner Rockpanel.


The roof of the building instead houses the GreenROOF system, created by Isopan in collaboration with DAKU Italia. The green roof solution helps improve air quality, reduce heat islands by reducing temperatures in the summer months, and maintain a comfortable temperature inside the building in both winter and summer. The choice of the GreenROOF system is in line with the centre's objective of not creating a building inside a park but enhancing the park with a building inside, extending the greenery to make it visible from any perspective you look at it, all of this to maintain constant contact with nature for the benefit of the users of the center and their well-being.

The meeting on the progress of the construction site was held on 22 September, currently in the process of completing the casing and external facade finishes. This occasion brought together the companies involved in this phase: Mauro Tricotti of Rockwool, for the external finishing of the facade, Daniela Bujac of Isopan for the ADDWind ventilated facade system and for the Isodeck PVSteel flat roofing solution, Marino Fantin of Daku Italia for the green roof part.