Manni Group’s commitment to Sustainability has been measured through an analysis performed by the Cerved Rating Agency

Manni Group is rated according to the ESG rating model of the Cerved Rating Agency, falling into the High category with a score of 65.4 and a BBB Rating.

Manni Group has based its development strategy on drivers such as innovation and internationalisation, and sustainability is what ties them together. This is applied through the guidelines of its Sustainability Policy, which sets out the company’s long-term growth strategy and related projects.

As stated in the Policy: ‘The Group bases its ability to generate lasting, shared value with all Stakeholders for the choices, actions, activities, and projects performed as an organisation. Therefore, it believes that “sustainability” is not just something to be done, it is a way of working, paying the right attention to all the requests and impacts generated by how it operates, in every aspect. The global social and economic structure makes a holistic approach to business necessary, embracing its complexity and considering all the social, ethical, cultural, environmental and economic aspects that necessarily accompany the company.’

Since 2020, Manni Group has prepared its Sustainability Report in compliance with the non-financial reporting standards of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), which are considered the most important at international level, and has asked the certification body Bureau Veritas to certify it.

This approach proves that the Group is committed to being transparent, accountable, and therefore comparable, and to further strengthening its accountability towards Stakeholders.

This ambitious move enabled the Group to take a further step in 2021: to have all its 2020 activities assessed by the Cerved Rating Agency in accordance with ESG (Environmental – Social – Governance) criteria. The ESG rating is a metric for measuring company performances and their initiatives for managing Environmental, Social and Governance factors as part of running the business, and thus complements the conventional assessment that only takes into consideration economic and financial variables.

Enrico Frizzera, CEO of Manni Group, points out: ‘Sustainability measurement, which follows a sectoral approach when it comes to positioning, helps us take strategic action to further improve corporate practices so that we can ensure greater responsibility.’

Rated within the “Equipment and Machinery” sector, Manni Group obtained the BBB rating and an ESG score of 65.4, falling into the “High” category for its ability to manage risks related to ESG parameters. According to the ESGe Score Breakdown, the Group ranks above the average compared to other companies in the industry, in relation to all the variables considered (ESGe).

‘The implementation of a programme to reduce GHG emissions, in line with the Science Based Target Initiative, and the achievement of set targets; the implementation of an energy efficiency plan; the application of a Procurement Policy and the start of ESG screening of strategic suppliers: these are just some of the strengths that set us apart from other companies in the industry in which we were assessed and that we are proud of. In fact, they have shown us that the efforts made over the last few years are taking us in the right direction’, says Helen Scandellari, Sustainability Officer at Manni Group.  

"On the whole, Manni Group is demonstrating its awareness of ESG issues, and there appears to be a growing tendency to integrate sustainability as a lever for innovation and development, which are increasingly playing a crucial role in the company’s long-term decision-making."