Manni Group sponsor of The Swarm – Nomadic architecture through time and space

Manni Group sponsor of The Swarm – Nomadic architecture through time and space

Manni Group has joined as a Sponsor to The Swarm, a project by BlueArch and Arkpabi Architects exhibited during the Architecture Biennale in Venice. The installation is the proposal of a new Architecture for the natural territories of Africa.

On the occasion of the 18th edition of the Venice Architecture Biennale, BlueArch and Arkpabi in collaboration with MetroQ exhibit The Swarm Project from 26 May to 12 August. This collateral event is held at the Squero Castello, an extremely popular and suggestive location overlooking the Lagoon near the Venice Arsenal, on the route between Riva degli Schiavoni and Giardini. 

The Swarm represents an innovative, energetically sustainable, non-destructive and non-intrusive settlement model for the natural territories of Africa to come. A geologically ancient and natural territory but at the same time considered a laboratory for a new ethical entrepreneurship, which makes the conservation of resources and full energy sustainability, with the awareness of a near future, a formal and compositional discipline.

The exhibition is a praise of the lightness of a new Architecture aimed at the times to come for a sustainable and aware future. “Never hurt the Sacred African Soil”: the Swarm Project, in fact, does not modify or injure, nor does it change or intervene in the natural morphology, it simply approaches it with the respectful delicacy of a flight over a flock of large birds, ready to take off for other future destinations. What it finds upon its arrival is what it leaves, with unchanged beauty, at the end of its life cycle, just like a flock of birds on its way.

The Swarm can be placed in the most exposed and scenically spectacular places, since in its nomadic, "light" and "provisional" nature, it can be completely removed and disassembled at the end of its life cycle and subsequently re-proposed in other territories, without leaving traces or wounds in the territory.

Ghana Innovation Farm, the contribution of Manni Group

Manni Group is Sponsor of The Swarm installation, as the values that the company brings with it fully meet the concept behind The Swarm. In fact, Manni Group has for years been a promoter of the off-site building culture, providing the world of architecture with dry construction steel solutions, modular and adhering to the principles of the circular economy, since the materials used can be disassembled and recycled for future use.

A concrete experience of the Group in this mission can be found in the Ghana Innovation Farm architecture contest, in collaboration with YAC - Young Architects Competitions, an initiative in which the Group put its technologies at the service of the cold chain in Africa. For the third edition of the Manni Group Design Award, the challenge was to collect projects aimed at creating a technological and cultural cold hub to bring innovation and training to the food chain sector in Africa, essential for the economic, social and cultural growth of local communities. The goal of the contest, in fact, is to combat crop deterioration, generating greater product availability and job opportunities, in accordance with the United Nations Sustainable Development Program.

Sharing the same vision, Manni Group has found two partners of excellence in the cold chain development sector on the African continent: InspiraFarms, which works to provide small agricultural businesses in emerging markets with the tools to significantly reduce food losses and energy costs, and access higher value markets; and IFRIA, active in frontier markets globally to profitably develop impactful cold chain assets in North and West African markets.

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