Manni Group for SOS School of Sustainability by Mario Cucinella

SOS School of Sustainability, innovation in the educational field

SOS School of Sustainability offers post-graduate training courses to young professionals at an international level and has the main objective of giving life to a new generation of Architects who bring with them strong principles related to responsible design. It is a nine-month creative lab which, through education, practice and research, provides all the tools to develop innovative projects with a positive impact on society, the economy and the environment.

SOS was founded in 2015 on the initiative of Mario Cucinella. Today it is based in Milan, within Mario Cucinella Architects Studio, the source of the skills and knowledge that are transmitted by the professionals of the Studio with a wealth of experience on a global level. 

A Partnership for the building of the future

Manni Group is committed to pursuing a very clear vision, offering products, solutions and skills for the world of dry construction, promoting new scenarios to overcome energy waste and polluting emissions from the current building stock, helping the Real Estate and Design firms to achieve a high project value thanks to the ethical environmental principles and knowledge of building.

It does all of this also through valuable collaborations with the world of architecture, with which establishes a constant dialogue and comparison in order to achieve a virtuous evolution of the building sector.

A close collaboration has been established with SOS as these values are fully shared towards a common goal. For this reason, Manni Group will take an active part in the tenth edition of SOS, starting in October 2023, making available its know-how on dry steel technologies and supporting students in their path towards an ESG-compliant design.

The ninth edition of SOS has just ended with the presentation day of the project of the Master in Sustainable Architecture and Design, which we had the pleasure and the honor to attend. An opportunity to see the quality of the work resulting from an excellent training.

The collaboration with Manni Group in terms of training has come to be bilateral. Mario Cucinella, in fact, will be a part of the teaching staff during the Manni Group’s Master “Off-site Technologies for Architecture”, another high-level training course, that will start in Bologna on 27 November 2023 and which arises from the objective of training technicians and architects who are experts in the latest trends in the field of off-site construction technology, making them able to offer concrete answers for the creation of a better and more sustainable future.

Manni Group is proud to pursue these initiatives relying on Partnerships with which to establish relationships of mutual support and trust.