Manni Group, building the future

Manni Group, building the future

Verona, 4 May 2020

On 4 May, the Italian manufacturing sector resumed its activities; therefore, the Italian Companies of Manni Group resume their activities not part-time, by way of derogation, but at full tilt. Previous communiqués highlighted the protection measures required and implemented earlier than the decrees, thanks to the skills and professionalism of the entire personnel of the Group’s companies.

In the mainstream, this time is known as the “Black Swan”, an event that occurs extremely rarely and which will shape the future. The features of a solid group - like the one to which we belong - are often indicated as necessary to deal with these circumstances: diversity as founding element of organisational culture, the ability to network, fast and clear decisions, co-responsibility, energy, shared experiences and best practices, best use of IT systems and infrastructure. It is the right thing to do and this is what happened. However, the real difference in overcoming this emergency was made by the women and men of the Group. There is no doubt that the contribution of all personnel will be even more decisive in the next phase.

The Group’s companies, in Italy and around the World, showed resilience by changing the way of working, always guaranteeing the central role of customer service. New projects were born which proved an even stronger integration of the Group’s know-how, also through collaboration with specialists from various sectors and Universities. This was possible thanks to the availability, the sense of responsibility and belonging of all.

Not only did we manage ordinary needs in an extraordinary situation, but we suggested innovations to manage the emergency, with an injection of new technologies, from the Hospital Module to the offerings of Maetrics. And that’s not all: we actually helped many customers so that they could resume their activities by way of derogation, with customised advice. We took advantage of the moment to make the best use of the skills and training of the Sales Force.

One step at a time, these actions are contributing to shape the future: the future of Manni Group and of the community with which we collaborate. An equal number of efforts and difficulties await us - as anticipated by the latest communiqué - towards a future where dry and sustainable building will be the star of the recovery.

Enrico Frizzera

CEO and General Manager Manni Group