Manni Group and Isopan Deutschland win the 2022 Mercurio Prize

The Mercurio Prize is awarded to companies and initiatives that have distinguished themselves in German-Italian relations, and this year it was awarded to Manni Group and its German subsidiary Isopan Deutschland for "innovative sustainable building solutions in the industrial, urban and agricultural sectors".

MERCURIO e. V. is a nationwide association with headquarters in Düsseldorf. Established in 1988 on the initiative of the Agency for the promotion abroad and internationalisation of Italian companies (ICE) and the Italian Consulate General in Cologne, it is sponsored by the Italian Embassy. MERCURIO offers all institutions, interested companies and their managers a unique platform for networking and the exchange of experience and information. Exclusive events focusing on relevant topical economic issues, company case studies and lifestyle evenings form a framework that offers MERCURIO members the opportunity to deepen and enrich their knowledge of German-Italian economic relations, thus fostering understanding of key links and events developing on a bilateral level.


The Mercurio Italian-German Economic Prize has been awarded annually since 1999 for outstanding initiatives in the field of economic and cultural exchange between Italy and Germany.

The MERCURIO Chairman Eckart Petzold said: “This year's Mercurio Prize is a testament to our commitment to the enhancement of sustainable industry, energy transition innovation and cultural exchange. It is a great honour for us to be able to bring evidence of projects in these areas, which moreover contribute to strengthening the historical relationship between Germany and Italy and the cooperation on a European level”.


The Jury is made up of Volker Buchbauer (Comau), Jörg Buck (German-Italian Chamber of Commerce in Milan - AHK Italien), Davide Campagnari (Iseo), Alexander Eßer (Wurdack Commercialisti), Stefan Eßer (Derra Meyer), Andreas Kipar (LAND), Christiane Liermann (Villa Vigoni), Marcello Mariucci (Elettronica), Eliomaria Narducci (Italian Chamber of Commerce for Germany - ITKAM), Federico Panichelli (Bonfiglioli), Tommaso Pedicini (WDR Cosmo, Radio Cologne), Eckart Petzold (MERCURIO, Luther), Karoline Rörig (Italian-German Dialogue Office), Antonella Rossi (ENIT), Marina Tedeschi (Marina Tedeschi PE), Christian Vonderreck (HSMV Studio Revisori e Commercialisti).


The decisive criteria guiding the jury during the awarding process are the impact on public opinion, the strengthening of the Italian image and brands in Germany and vice versa as well as an entrepreneurial spirit marked by courage and excellence.

For 2022 Manni Group and Isopan Deutschland were honoured with this award

Manni Group promotes innovation in the processing and utilisation of steel in all its applications, developing structural engineering, energy efficiency and sustainability-enabling solutions and services for companies, users and consumers in various markets. The Group is committed to extending sustainable, safe and efficient building through continuous commitment to research and development of products, services and solutions for steel constructions, redevelopment of buildings, reduction of consumption and emissions, and diffusion of renewable energy sources.

The German subsidiary Isopan Deutschland, part of the Isopan Group, together with its other subsidiaries around the world, is the largest manufacturer of metal insulation panels with a high isothermal coefficient for roofs and walls, which are used to optimise the thermal efficiency of residential, industrial and commercial buildings, both in new buildings and renovations. In summer 2021, the production plant was relocated to the Starpark Halle industrial area, increasing its capacity to further develop the European market.


Three years ago, the Group set up the Manni Group Design Award, a contest involving young designers from all over the world to create unique works through the use of off-site technologies, assessed and awarded by a jury of internationally renowned architectural firms. 

The award ceremony

On Tuesday 22 November, the award ceremony took place at the Italian Embassy in Berlin, in the presence of leading representatives of German and Italian businesses, prominent public figures from both countries, and representatives of the press. The ceremony was attended by Claudio Martini - Chairman Isopan Spa, Kay Knerr - General Manager Isopan Deutschland, Rachele Quartarone - Business Development Assistant Manni Group and Franziska Vofrei, Marketing & Communication Specialist Isopan Deutschland.


During the award ceremony, Dr. Daniela Angelini (WTS) gave the laudation in which she highlighted the positive impact Manni Group and Isopan have on economic relations between Germany and Italy.

Specifically, the €20 million invested in the new Isopan Deutschland production facility within the Starpark in Halle demonstrates the importance of this. The increase in the number of resources in the German plant is also a clear indicator of the close relationship between Italy and Germany.

Dr. Angelini concluded her speech by thanking Manni Group and Isopan Deutschland for their great contribution in strengthening these exchanges between the two countries, to the benefit of the entire European Union.



Photo credit: Mateusz Skóra