ADDMIRA2D by Manni Green Tech wins the Archiproducts Design Awards 2022

After awards for GreenROOF and CAPSULE, Manni Group is among the ADA winners for the third time thanks to the ADDMIRA2D Exterior Wall system by Manni Green Tech.

As every year, the international panel of the Archiproducts Design Awards has awarded prizes to international design excellence. Among more than 800 candidate products in 14 categories, Manni Green Tech's  ADDMIRA2D passed the first selection by entering the Longlist in October and finally qualified with the title Winner 2022 for the Building Shell category.

Exterior Wall ADDMIRA2D

ADDMIRA2D Manni Green Tech's new prefabricated Exterior Wall solution for creating the dry envelope of entire buildings by means of opaque prefabricated elements, in which fixed or openable glazed components can be integrated with external shading.

The ADDMIRA2D concept is to provide an opaque drywall module, fully assembled off-site, by combining Isopan sandwich panels at the heart of the Light Steel Frame structure, as well as other components from the Manni Green Tech product range including insulating solutions, slabs, gasket systems and a wide choice of external cladding depending on the specific architectural requirement.

The prefabrication allows most of the site operations to be transferred to the production plant, resulting in significant resources being saved, greater technical and quality control and improved health and safety conditions for the operators.

ADDMIRA2D is based on the concepts of modularity and customisation, combining design freedom and performance levels through the combination of different dry components and the high engineering content of the elements.

The engineering challenge in question allows light steel profiles to be integrated with the dry envelope components, thanks to which a very light prefabricated continuous facade is obtained, which is easy to install.

Every performance of ADDMIRA2D modules is tested in accordance with the UNI EN European standards. From thermal and acoustic performance, up to fire resistance and the air, water and wind tightness tests that guarantee a complete curtain wall system.

The ADDMIRA2D solution is designed and certified on the basis of the UNI EN 13830 standard for continuous facades solutions, guaranteeing a CE-marked system.

The final quality will be that of an industrialised system that minimises the possibility of errors and manufacturing inaccuracies during the installation phases on site, while also leaving a large degree of freedom in the selection of the external finishing layer, which can be chosen from a wide range, from the most traditional to the most advanced. 

ADA Winner 2022

Manni Group wins the Archiproducts Design Awards for the third time. In 2019, the award went to GreenROOF, the solution developed by Isopan in collaboration with DAKU Italia Srl, while in 2020 the winner was CAPSULE, the multifunctional off-site module created through the engineering of Manni Green Tech that encompasses all of the Group's technologies.

This year, a panel of 40 international judges selected ADDMIRA2D: among the most influential names in global creativity were Studio Libeskind, Aires Mateus, Mecanoo and Stefano Boeri Architetti, with whom the Group has collaborated in several editions of the Manni Group Design Award.